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When to use a Whiteboard Animation ?

Question: When to use a Whiteboard Animation ?

An interesting observation we made throughout the years we have been running Animation Vids, it is that most people do not know when a whiteboard animation is the solution they should seek, and when it is not!
There are different types of videos to present an idea, but is a whiteboard animation video the most appropriate solution every time?

The short answer is, No!

In this small post we will explain when it’s best to get a whiteboard animation done and when not.
1- The content is long :
If the content you are presenting is long, that means the voice narration is long as well, thus the video will be long.
As a rule of thumb every 120 words give you a 1 minute narration, thus you add 1 min to the video length.
Explainer videos [Animated cartoon videos ] are usually more effective for short presentations , between 1 and 3 minutes, but the price adds up quickly for a long content video.
Whiteboard animation allows you to present long content videos for just a fraction of the cost.

2- The content is descriptive:
If the content is descriptive, you will need execution to be slow, which is exactly what the whiteboard animation can provide. For example, when you are describing a scene, the description can take up to 30 seconds or more, so it is needed that the elements of the scene come slowly during the description process.

3- If the budget is small:
One of the major advantages of whiteboard animation, is the control over the speed of the action, in this case the drawing process, thus the exact same drawing could be presented in 4 seconds or an entire minute.
If the budget is small the drawings are presented during a longer time, the drawing process is slow, thus there are less drawings for the same amount of voice narration.

4- Little to no need to present pictures:
It is usually not recommended to chose whiteboard animation when you need to show many images of products and people. It is not visually appealing to jump from a line drawing to a colored photo. Explainer videos are a better option when you have pictures to display.

5- The need for simplicity & sophistication at the same time:
There is nothing better than a line drawing whiteboard animation to portray simplicity, keeping all the simplicity while being sophisticated enough.

6- Need for a calm & predictable presentation:
If for some reason you need a calm and predictable presentation, you can’t go wrong with this one. Unlike explainer video, there’s nothing that pops up, everything is predictable since it takes few seconds at least for each drawing to be ready.

7- Personal taste:
If you prefer these types of videos, who are we to tell you no, all what we can tell you, is hire us to do the video for you.

8- Explain complex ideas & relations between elements:
Another advantage of the whiteboard Animation is that you can explain concepts that require complex relationships, especially in the domains of biology, computer logic & programming, etc … This is possible because the work space can zoom in and zoom out to show the global picture.

whiteboard animation

Examples of whiteboard animation:

The below example, is a good example on when to use a whiteboard animation:


This One, is a less good example:
Reasons: too fast script to be hand drawn, also too many faces of people.

Now compare the above videos, to the one below -to notice the difference in speed and ideas-

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How Much does a 1 min to 10 min Explainer Video Cost

explainer video cost

We stumbled recently upon many people asking this question, giving a simple answer is not possible without taking in consideration several variables! so please contact us so we can give you a precise quotation for your project > contact us here <, meanwhile read the following post …

How Much does a 1 min to 10 min Explainer Video Cost?

To answer this question, we’ll need you to take in consideration the fact that there are types of explainer videos.

This being said, then you will need to take several factors in consideration:

  1. Video Length: How long the Video should be?

    The price follow a linear increase, meaning that buying 2 minutes video costs usually twice the price of 1 min video.
    We offer our service at an incredibly low price tag of only 60$ per minute.

  2. Video Quality: How good your Video should be?

    The quality of execution have a multiplying factor on the video price, meaning, depending on quality the price of video per minute can increase or stay the same. For example: Changing from basic to average quality multiply the price by 3, changing to top quality multiply the price by 10.

  3. Deadline: How fast do you need the Video?

    On average a well crafted video takes us around 7 to 10 days, but sometimes we have clients who are in a hurry, that’s why we have acceleration option, but they cost more, and sometimes much more. For example ready in 5 days option is only slightly more expensive, but ready in 2 or 1 day options can double or even triple the price.

  4. Video Resolution: SD/ HD / FULL HD ?

    For internet purposes, an SD will suffice, if you need the video for a presentation think of ordering it in HD, if it’s for a TV spot or big screen, you will need a Full HD. Price wise HD is only $20 more expensive, so it’s not a big factor in the pricing. Full HD, can be around $40 to $80 more expensive, also not a big factor in the pricing.

  5.  Voice Narration: Do you need a Voice over the explainer video?

    Also not a big factor, Voice narration is priced on the basis of length and accent, meaning, a minute of voice narration + background music+ audio synchronization costs around $20 more, for 2 minutes you double the price, etc…
    But, if you require a specific accent, or language, the price would increase slightly usually less than extra $10.

How much would your video Cost?

If you are wondering about the cost, it means you want to have an explainer video made.
Here’s what is essential to know:
The length of the video depends on the quantity of information to explain, the quantity of information can be quantified simply by a simple voice narration.
So here’s the steps needed to estimate the cost of your video:

  1. Create a Scenario: how would you want your information presented?
    + tell a story : Joe is an artist etc …
    + explain a problem : Solar energy have a big problem …
    + other …
  2. Determine the length of the scenario:
    Read the text you created to have an idea of how much time is needed.
  3. Basic cost:
    Multiply the number of minutes you got in the previous step by $60.
  4. Quality video:
    If you are looking for a good quality video, multiply the price by 3 or 4 times, if you are looking for the best quality we can offer, multiply the price by 10.


To make it easy for you, we created a price estimator, which allows you to automatically determine the cost of the video, click on the button below and play with the factors:

Explainer Video Cost Estimator

Remember: At the end of the day, the best way to get a precise quotation is by directly > messaging us <, so we can provide you with examples.